"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."  Anthony J. D'Angelo

Note from Angela

I’ve felt like I just can’t get caught up . . . 

This summer daddy designed our entire home solar power system by himself and when it was time to pick up the plans there NO CORRECTIONS NEEDED! Love being married to that SMART guy who isn’t afraid to learn new things and figure out any problem — Carter, you are a lot like your dad!

I must say that I think I love puppy just about as much as you do.  I was really glad that he was in your 4th of July photo!

OH - and how about surfing lessons?!  We rocked it . . . well, you rocked it and I gave it a good try.  :-)  I loved, loved, loved that we did those lessons together!

You started your second year at Warren Walker and all has been going well.  The friends you have made have been awesome and the progress you’ve made academically has been impressive.  There are days when you think you “can’t do it” but those are quickly changed to “just didn’t know how to do it, yet.”  You are getting the hang of it.  Your dad and I LOVE seeing you be a scholar.  You rock.  

Notes From Carter

I played soccer in the fall and did a lot of time as goalie.  My friend Aidan’s mom was our coach.  I keep playing a lot of time on the iPad and my mom and dad tell me it’s too much.  I luck out because they are not very good about setting the timer.  

We love going to Pepe’s Italian Restaurant.  The owner Mr. Ed always lets us make our own pizzas.

Notes & Quotes that Mommy caught

June 19, 2015

While having lunch in London . . . 

C: Mom, I'm full. It might not look like I ate much but that was crazy huge!”

July 8 , 2015

I always love getting a glimpse at what C is thinking!  While driving home from camp...

M: How do you like being a second grader at camp this year?

C: It's good. Do you remember my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Alverez?

M: Sure. Why?

C: Last year on the last day of school she said "When you walk out that door you'll be a first grader." I was so scared. I just wanted to stay in her room and not leave.

Hearing that made me smile and caused my eyes to well up a bit. I often inaccurately identify what might be scary through the eyes of the boy who still has so much growing left to do.

July 8 , 2015  

While waiting in line at a new summer camp . . .

C: Mom, I'm embarrassed.

M: You mean "nervous".

C: I think so.

M: I'm a little nervous too, but I think we are going to figure it out and it's going to be a great week. Do you remember what to do in new situations ? . . . .

One hour later . . . another mom sends me a photo of C with two other friends who are also at the "new" camp this week. All smiles and no nerves.

A Big THANKS is owed to C's team at Social Communication Specialists -- without them a drop off like that would have never been possible. So cool to see C using his tool box and making it work!

August 14 , 2015

After having McKenzie and Dallan all to himself for a week . . . C was missing the cousins after a week of undivided attention.

C: Mom, do you think they miss me like I miss them?

September 6 , 2015

While watching Hook, C recognized an actor.

C: Mom, I know that guy. He comes to Clark Griswald's door with the jelly of the month club.

That boy is a Jones.

September 6 , 2015

C likes to connect and stay connected.

Our neighbor Maria was selling her house and had her photo on the For Sale sign...

C:  Mom, I wish Maria was in the house instead of just her picture in the front yard. I miss her being there.

October 2 , 2015

During a particularly rough morning with some spelling words and a boy who didn't want to practice nor be respectful . . . .

M: Would you ignore Ms. Frans if she tried to help you?

C: No, but Ms. Frans wouldn't cry* or talk in a mean voice!

Humm . . . he might be on to something. Point well taken.

October 15 , 2015

Perhaps one of the sweetest "good nights" ever...

M: Good night C. I love you.

C: Good night. Thanks for having me be born. 

October 19 , 2015

Tonight's bedtime story, Harold and the Purple Crayon

C: Several times throughout the story "Where is his mom?!”

October 23 , 2015

Morning conversation with the thinker we call C (first comment out of his mouth as soon as he woke up this morning)

C: Mom, how did they invent televisions anyway?

M: I'm not really sure. I guess we can look it up.

C: Well you know it's quite an accomplishment. When humans are born we don't even know to ask the question 'who am i?’.

November 16 , 2015

My son is soooo obviously my kid — this weekend, in celebration of soccer being over (meaning no more grass and mud being tracked into the car) I took the car to get detailed.

C got in it later that day and said “Mom, I love your car. It smells like the bed of an angel!” 

Note from Mommy to Carter

We are rockin’ and rollin’ . . . I love hangin’ with you and count 

© Angela Jones 2014