“Be in love with your life, every minute of it.” 
Jack Kerouac  


Note from Angela

This time of year - when the latest birthday has passed I look back and think several thoughts . . . 1) I think about how fortunate I am to be living this life, 2) I think about how fortunate I am to be Carter’s mom and Travis’ wife,  and 3) I think about how fast the time is going and how many  things I want to do before the time Travis and I have with Carter at home is gone.

This last year I have focused on being happy and sharing my happiness with my family — being happy rather than cranky in the mornings while trying to get the family out the door, being happy at bed time and being a little more flexible when daddy has a different idea of C’s bed time, being happy to take on kid activities when I’d rather be doing my own thing.  I think it all went pretty well until I reached the point where I had a huge project at work that has carried on for several months.  It’s time to refocus and find my happy again.

Notes From Carter

I am so happy to be 7 years old.  I really like my new school and I like playing Minecraft.  I can’t wait for Christmas.  I wish Santa could bring me an X Box but mom says that Santa checks with parents and she and dad will not say it’s OK.


My dad and I have been having a lot of fun wrestling.  I also really like riding with him to school.  We always check to see if the tide is up or down.  We like joking around a lot .  I think it makes mom a little crazy when we won’t straighten up and be serious.

Notes & Quotes that Mommy caught

A lot of people say to C: ♪♫All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!♪♫

IMG 9834 1024

C's response: "You have to be careful what you wish for 'cause if you say "All I want" that might be ALL you will get.”

December 12, 2014


C: Mom, I wrote a letter to Santa and I told him I wanted an Xbox.

M: Shoot! I thought we already talked about the fact that Santa checks with parents before he agrees to bring gifts 'cause kids can't always have what they ask for -- like an Xbox or puppy or kitten.

C: But mom, I thought about it and I think you don't want to spend the money so if you let Santa bring it you can save your money.

M: Ha! You are always thinking! You are correct; an Xbox is expensive. However, on top of that we also already have other electronics in our house so we are not going to get any more. When Santa checks with me, that's what I am going to tell him.

After some looking around . . . .

C: I don't want an Xbox. I want a Nerf Zombie Blaster.

M: Well, if Santa asks me about that you'll have a much better chance of actually receiving that item.

Note from Mommy to Carter

Each year when you sit with Santa I think to myself “Remember this moment, you won’t get it again.”    Your bring smile and compassionate heart are a blessing you share with everyone you meet.  I am very proud of you and love you to the moon and back + whatever you say!

© Angela Jones 2014