The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. - Peggy O'Mara

Note from Angela

I am sad to say that this fall, winter and spring were kind of a blur.  I was definietely missing the balance between work and home — way too much work and not enough home.  Overall, C has been great although probably a little neglected.  We’ve loved the new school and it’s been amazing to see all C has leared during first grade.  We’ve made some wonderful new friends and really couldn’t be happier with the opportunity and decisoin to move C to a smaller school.

Notes From Carter

I’ve leared a lot of suff lately.  I know how to play hockey and I had a part in a play at school.  I am taking tennis lessons and still swimming once a week.  I’d like to stop taking swimming lessons but mom says she always gets to pick one lesson for me and she will probably always pick swimmnig.  

My best friend at school is Nicholas.  We have a lot of playdates and he has had a sleep-over at my house a few times and I have styed at his house too.  I really like the idea of sleep-overs but when it comes time to go to sleep I cry and want to go home.  The moms where I am are nice and I do go to sleep.

Notes & Quotes that Mommy caught

January 6, 2015

While transition back to a regular schedule.  C was having a particularly rough day and seemed OVERLY sensitive about EVERYTHING.

M: All I am hearing is your whining!

C: Well that must be an illusion 'cause I am not ONLY whining.

M: I am going to get my phone and record this whining so you can hear it yourself.

C: Well let's be sure we hear you in the video 'cause all we are going to hear is your "mean voice."

Ouch! Seems we both might have been having a tough time getting back into our regular routine. Luckily this Friday is ending on a happy peaceful note.  WHEW!

January 9, 2015

Exclamation from the family room . . .

C: WHAT?! My sock has been on upside down ALL DAY! That's CRAZY!

January 11, 2015

While playing a game. . .

C: I'm going to give you the what-five!

M: The " what-five"?

C: You know! It's worse than the "what-4"

I didn't bother correcting him. I think I am going to use "the what - 4,5 6" etc. when necessary.

January 15, 2015

C is schooling his dad on a video game while they are both in the "same world" but on two different devices.

IMG 4163 1024

C: Now listen to me. Stay close and don't go to places that you have not been to before 'cause you can easily get dead.

A little while later...

C: I am actually pretty proud of you. You are doing a good job.

Throughout the training session...

D: Why do I keep dropping my sword? How do I get out of here? How do I use the rocket boots you gave me?

C: Dad, just stay in the house and keep yourself safe. I'll fight the bad guy 'cause I have more experience.


January 26, 2015

This morning I had just discovered C had a fever (meant no school for him), was trying to juggle some work tech support issues at work, and had a long distance call on the line when C asked for breakfast. I told C I would be with him in a minute. When I got off the call I responded to a couple of emails which were requests for more tech support and then I went into the kitchen. C could see me from where he was sitting.

C: Mom, are you mad?

M: Nope.

C: Are you frustrated? I can see your eyes and hear your voice and you don't seem happy.

M: Maybe a little frustrated.

C: Can you please try to be happy. I really like it when you are happy. I like to see your eyes that way.

M: Yep, I'll see if I can get my attitude turned around.

C: Mom, I think you are tired of me asking so many questions so I am going to stop now.

M: I never mind you asking questions. Right now I just feel kind of bad that I was being cranky and you had to see that.

C: That's OK mom, if you can just TRY to be happy that will be a good start.

ahhh . . . out of the mouths of babes.

January 27, 2015

Late yesterday afternoon from Fever Boy who was home all day and who spent A LOT of time on the iPad . . .

C: Mom, aren’t you happy for me that I got to this level in Terraria?! If I would have been at school I never would have built this hotel!

M: Well, I'm not sure I would say I am “happy for you" - I think there is probably better things you could have done with your time.

C: Don’t judge me!


January 28, 2015

Last night while out to dinner, from the kid who for this past year has done nothing but ask for and long for a brother or sister (continually pointing out families around town, in cars, on TV, comparing himself to his cousins, etc) came up with the following . . .

C: Mom, now I'm actually kind of glad that I don't have one of those brothers or sisters and I am all by myself.

M: Really?

C: Yes, 'cause if I did I might not be at Pieology (pizza restaurant).

M: Why's that? (VERY curious to hear this one)

C: Well, if the brother or sister didn't want to go to Pieology then we'd do something like rock/paper/scissors and I might not win so I'd be having to eat dinner where they wanted to go.

M: You do get to do a lot of choosing.

C: Going places with friends is good too 'cause we can choose together but not have them every day.

M: Sounds like you are coming to terms with the fact that we are not going to have a baby at our house. I'm really happy about that.

Rock/Paper/Scissors . . . LOL!

Februay 16, 2015

I should mention how my idea of sending him to camp at the Humane Society TOTALLY backfired. I thought I was doing such a great thing letting him play with animals all day 'cause he LOVES animlas . . . -- the first thing he says to me when I go to pick him up: "MOM, did you know all of these animals are up for adoption?!" ummmm . . . yes. 

February 28, 2015

PSA from a city kid . . . C's first grade is hatching chickens in their class. The teacher has notified the parents that with permission chicks can go home with students - to keep. I overheard C and his friend discussing the project. . . .

F: My mom said that we can keep one of those chicks because in our neighborhood we are allowed.

C: My mom told me that the chicks will become large chickens and they can't stay in the house.

F: My mom said we might even get a rooster.

C: (with great urgency in his voice) A ROOSTER?! They are too AGGRESSIVE - they need to go straight to a REAL farm!

Where does he get this stuff?!

March 1, 2015

Carter's first time on real roller skates! He lapped me several times.

M: C do you want to go around with me for a couple of time?

C: Do I have to go slow?

M: Yes.

C: No thanks.

March 11, 2015

C: Mom, you know what dead things and things I can't do any more that I miss?

M: (a little hesitant to hear the answer) No, what?

C: Chloe, the cat I knew, and our other cat that died and KinderCare. Maybe you should let me get another pet then I won't be missing so much.

M: Nice try, C. Nice try.

March 16, 2015

Shouting from his room ...

C: Mom, I am really afraid of leprechaun mischief! Can I PLEASE come in by you?

After just 2 minutes -- O U T-- looks like daddy gets C's bed tonight.

IMG 4444 1024

March 26, 2015

Love and Logic success!!

C: Mom, come on! I'll give you a dollar if you'll just give chances.

M: Save your money. When I tell you something I mean it. I don't give chances.

April 19, 2015

Travis and Carter ran to the store while I finished making dinner. When they got back the table was set and candles were burning.

C: Mom, I like the candles. They are a really nice touch. Way to go!

HA! Nice to have his approval.

April 19, 2015

C: What?! That's ours? I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

And then he tells his dad..."Dad, you rule! Mom said we could not have that. We are going to have so much fun! The only downside is going to be figuring out who is coming over to use it. But we can just do a lot of play dates.”

May 4, 2015

After school today--

C: Mom, I am really hungry. Let's go to pizza. 🍕 And I mean don't go home first but just go straight there ...PLEASE!

M: Sure. ( means no dishes nor mess for me- sounds great!)

C: Drive fast! I mean don't drive over the speed limit but drive as fast as you can and still follow the law.

This kid is a rule follower and wants others to follow the rules as well. 

May 7, 2015

M: Well, I am headed to the dentist to get a shot in my mouth 😕 and to have some dental work done.

C: Good luck with that. Hope you don't die. 

Note from Mommy to Carter

I am sorry I was so busy for so many weeks.  I am really looking forward to having our schedule back to one where I can be more focused on you and daddy and not so focuses on work.  I love you with all of my heart!

© Angela Jones 2014