Year 9

IMG 7187 2015JH

Carter turned 8 on November 26, 2015.  He is in Second Grade in Ms. Frans’ class at Warren-Walker.  He is still swimming on Wednesday nights with Mr. Francis  (until February 2016) and he has kept up with hockey.  C added a lot more skateboarding and scooter riding to his list of favorite things to do. 

Carter loves movie night and would like to download a new movie every day.  He also loves playing on the iPad and continues to wish that there didn’t have to be time restrictions.    

We have a whole new set of friends from school.  All the parents and students have been great.  We feel very fortunate to be at Warren-Walker.

This year mom had surgery and Carter got the opportunity to learn to be more independent.  It was a good thing for everyone.

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