Summer Vacation


"Few things things break us out of our routines and awaken us to the living substance of happiness more powerfully than travel.” Albert Camus

Note from Angela

Stopping, listening and being flexible lead to THE BEST vacatoin ever!  Travis has always wanted to rent  an RV and take a road trip. This summer we did just that.  We rented a 24 foot motorhome and drove to Sequoia then Yosemite and then on to Idaho. What a great experience!  While in Sequoia and Yosemite we took private tours.  We got to see any landmarks and learn about the parks. We all enjoyed our time together and everyone was on their best behavior.  :-)

Notes From Carter

I really liked being in the RV.  I basically had my own room up in the top above the driver’s seat.  I got to help dad with the hook-ups and got to play games with mom and eat while dad drove.  Having an RV was GREAT.  While in the national parks I met new people and played with some fun kids.  I felt very independent while I rode my bike around and went places without my mom and dad.

Notes & Quotes that Mommy caught

July 28, 2016

Seems that my boy has heard me talk about habits - especially eating habits. 

While on our family vacation he saw me reach into the cupboard of our rented RV and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was getting a snack. After he saw me pull out a package of cookies he said "Mom, just because you are on a vacation in an RV doesn't mean you should make unhealthy choices!" 

Note from Mommy to Carter

I loveed our summer vacation.  I was very grateful that you were so patient in the RV and I really enjoyed watching you take in all the sights.   Thank for being you!!

© Angela Jones 2016