"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded."  — Jess Lair

Note from Angela

Spring . . . The days are getting longer and we are all happier with the added sunshine.

The whole family is LOVING George the cat.  He is totally supporting my desire for light-heartedness in the house.  If I had only known how much joy one orange cat could bring a family I would have suggested getting this guy a LONG time ago.

Careter is growing up . . . Where’s that  boy who used to be my baby? "Mom can I pick my own haircut?" Two months ago Carter asked if he can pick his own haircut. He then sat in the hair shop flipping through hair designs and choosing which would be his new do. I watched him with amazement as he explains to the hairdresser, Christina, what he wanted his hair to look like. When I'm voice some concerns, his reply was "well you know it'll grow back if we don't like it". During his next haircut he asked if he could get designs cut into the hair on the side of his head. I was a little reluctant as with Travis but we agreed and he then had his hair designed. I feel like he grew up by a decade in just a couple haircut. He was so proud of making his own decision and so pleased with the results. You could just see the pride as he walked a little taller and looked a little more confident.

Carter finished school on June 8. He's now a third-grader. I remember being so upset when California change the ed code meaning he would go to kindergarten a year later. But as I look at him now and see how fast time is going I am grateful that he went to school when he was six instead of he was five.

Notes From Carter

I am totally rockin’ doing my chores.  I follow my checklist and get all my stuff done all on my own.  I really like being in charge.

I was having a lot of trouble in spelling.  Dad made some suggestions that mom and I change how we do my studying.  I still don’t like doing the work, but I am getting 100%s on my spelling tests.

Notes & Quotes that Mommy caught

April 29, 2016

C: Mom, can you come back and lay by me?

M: Sure. What's up?

C: I'm really sad. Remember when we were driving, then you stopped and you got out and you threw away my little car in a dumpster?

M: Yes.

C: Why couldn't you just put my car on the china cabinet?

M: Because the consequence for being mad and throwing a toy car at me while I was driving was intended to be such that you would never get that car back.

C: Don't you think that was a little too dramatic? 

M: No, I think it was the perfect consequence. You know, I threw away that car probably more than 5 years ago and 1) you still remember the situation 2) you have no doubt that I am serious when I say "I don't give chances" and 3) you have never thrown anything at me since that happened.  I'd say it seems like the consequence had the intended results.

after a long silence....

C:You can go back to your bed now.


May 3, 2016

Oh the tears!

C's fish is dead. I think that Betta Baby (aka Ruby) had been around for 3 + years. C loved that fish!

C: Mom, if you saw she was sick why didn't we take her to the vet?!

And then more tears. . . from both of us 

May 22, 2016

After Jo and Scott were dropped off at the airport ...

C: I miss Jo.

M: What do you like best about when she's here?

C: I can't say what it is, it's just all good.

M: It's a good energy in our house, huh?!

C: And it's happy and fun energy too.

It really feels good when others love your kid like you do and he loves them right back!!❤️

Our whole family loves the couple of visits we get each year and continually feels that they are not long enough nor frequent enough. ✈️


Note from Mommy to Carter

We make a great team.  I love being responsible for teaching you and accountable for learning from you.  I really do love you “more than you say!"

“The best things you will ever make: memories, love and time.” K. Barteski

© Angela Jones 2016