CaRter Thomas


Some of Carter’s favorite things are

    fire trucks (especially Engine 27) and trash trucks

    working with daddy on any project (especially digging in the yard)

    reading before bed

    cutting with scissors  (we stress the importance of ONLY cutting paper)

    babies (“awww, it’s so cute!” is often what he says)

    getting stuck with daddy on the sofa (covering him up with pillows)

    look at the moon and stars

    playing with friends

He has a kind heart, contagious laugh and a bright sprit.  Having him in our family is wonderful in every way imaginable.  Here’s to keeping these great qualities for a lifetime!  xox


Smiles and Fun

The last 3 years have FLOWN by.  Being able to watch Carter learn and grow is delicious!

In the past year . . . Carter has learned to dive to the bottom of the pool, ride a bike, and be potty trained.  He also sits in a booster in the car  and sleeps in a big-boy bed.  We all are loving this!

photos on this page by Jo Hilton